Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

In every process of cleaning carpets, we must start by matching the cleaning equipment to the type and thickness of the carpet.

In the first part of the cleaning, we vacuum, and/or beat the carpet to remove the initial layer of dust.

Afterwards, we spread detergent on the carpet, to soften the stains and to put the shine back on the carpet’s cloth material. Next, the carpet is scrubbed with a brush, washed and vacuumed with clean water, and wrung dry by our advanced machinery.

Cleaning your carpets will allow you to enjoy a carpet clean of dust and will allow the little ones to play around on it, without inhaling the dust mites that have accumulated over the years.

Our team

The Tal Clean team has been trained for a long time, to learn the method of cleaning that is appropriate for each type of material, the way to differentiate between the various types of cloth and the ability to match detergents to the type of cloth. The Tal Clean team will be delighted to provide you with additional information, by telephone. We shall be delighted to help you with any question.

Our machinery

The machines that we use are the most modern in the business. The machine works by injecting detergent into the fibre of the cloth, and sucking, with a strong vacuum, the accumulated dirt, from the base of the sofa.

Our detergents

Our detergents are green detergents, friendly to the environment. The detergents that we use preserve the cloth, and do not harm its original colour. We can add a substance that will create a protective layer on the sofa; this layer protects the sofa from dirt and stains so that it will stay clean and fresh.

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